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General Search

At the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy web site, you may search for information about Individual Licensees, Firms, or Sponsors, but you must select one of these categories prior to beginning your search.

You must supply a value in at least one search field. Fill in as much information as known to narrow your search, otherwise more records than desired may be returned. Note that only the first 100 records resulting from each search will be displayed.

Normally, searches are done for an exact match of the search criteria as entered. If you are unsure of the spelling, you may choose to search for records that either begin with or contain the letters entered in the search criteria. For example, searching for licensees whose names contain the letters SMI will yield records such as SMIT, SMILEY, NESMITH and others.


About the Search Views

Search Form

This form allows you to enter search criteria about Individual Licensees, Firms, or Sponsors. You can always return to this screen by clicking either your browser's back button, or by clicking the "Back to Selection" button at the bottom of the Initial Results and Detailed Records screens.

Initial Results

Your search results may produce multiple records sorted into rows showing Name, Date Certified/Registered, License Expiration Date, Status, and Location information.

Detailed Record

On the Initial Results screen, click on a hyperlink (typically the Name field) to display a single, detailed record containing information about an Individual Licensee, Firm, or Sponsor.