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Registration Of A Firm Practicing Public Accountancy As A Corporation

General Instructions:

A firm that will be practicing public accountancy in the State of Texas as a corporation must register with the Board unless the firm is an out-of-state firm that meets the requirements of Section 901.461 of the Public Accountancy Act (effective September 1, 2007).

If your firm holds a license issued by a state other than Texas, review the requirements for out-of-state firms to determine your eligibility to practice in Texas without obtaining a Texas firm license and without notifying the Board. Complete the following steps if your firm must register with the Board.

Step One: Initiating the Process

Step Two: Completing the Registration Process

Step Three: Receiving Your Firm License

The forms and documents that further explain the registration process and requirements are listed below: 

Required Forms and Documents:

IMPORTANT: If you receive a message that the file "is damaged" or "requires a newer version of Adobe Reader"), you may need to install a newer version of Adobe Reader. You candownload the latest version of Adobe Reader at no cost.

Forms with the notation "(fillable)" offer you the option of entering your information on-screen before printing and sending it to the Board. If you still have questions after reviewing the forms on-line, contact the CPE/Licensing Division at the Board.

Forms and documents that are available on-line:

Instructions for Registration of a Corporation (L0013)

Registration of a Corporation (L0007) (fillable)

Application for Registration of Firm Office(s) (L0011) (fillable)

The Peer Review Program Overview (L0030)

Peer Review Sponsors (L0028)

Peer Review Reporting (L0014) (fillable)

Affidavit for Peer Review (L0031) (fillable)

Instructions for Completing the Application as a Non-CPA Owner of a Firm in Texas (L0023)

Application for Non-CPA Owner in a Firm in Texas (L0022) (fillable)