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Application Of Intent Package For Individuals With Uniform CPA Examination Credits To Be Transferred To Texas

General Instructions:

This package contains the forms necessary for individuals to show intent to qualify as a Texas CPA by passing the Uniform CPA Examination. Use these forms to transfer any or all CPA examination credits earned while an applicant of another jurisdiction. Your application must be accompanied by check or money order in U.S. dollars. DO NOT SEND CASH.

If you have passed all parts of the examination and this application is approved, you will receive by mail a CPA Certificate Application Package.

If you have not passed all parts of the examination and this application is approved, you will receive instructions on the steps to sit for the exam.

Required Forms and Documents:

IMPORTANT: If you receive a message that the file "is damaged" or "requires a newer version of Adobe Reader"), you may need to install a newer version of Adobe Reader. You candownload the latest version of Adobe Reader at no cost.

Forms with the notation "(fillable)" offer you the option of entering your information on-screen before printing and sending it to the Board. If you still have questions after reviewing the forms on-line, contact the Qualifications Division at the Board.

Forms and documents that are available on-line:

Application of Intent (X0008) (fillable) required

Transfer of Credit Form (X0018) (fillable) required

Authorization for Interstate Exchange of Examination and Licensure Information (X0016) (fillable) required

Authorization and Release (X0010) required

Background Statement (X0030)

These documents contain instructional information and may be helpful in completing the application.

General Information - Transfer of Credit (X0014)

Instructions - Transfer of Credit (X0015)

Check List - Transfer of Credit (X0017)

FICE Code List for Colleges and Universities (X0011)