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The Peer Review Program Overview

Refer to Chapter 527 Peer Review, of the Board Rules.
Rule 527.1(a) Pursuant to §901.159 of the Act, the board establishes a peer review program to monitor CPAs' compliance with applicable accounting, auditing and other attestation standards adopted by generally recognized standard-setting bodies. The program may include education, remediation, disciplinary sanctions or other corrective action where reporting does not comply with professional or regulatory standards.

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Forms with the notation "(fillable)" offer you the option of entering your information on-screen before printing and sending it to the Board. If you still have questions after reviewing the forms on-line, contact the CPE/Licensing Division at the Board.

Services Performed That Require Enrollment In The Peer Review Program

A firm performing any of the following services is required to undergo a peer review:

Special reports (such as bank directors' examinations, completed statements on forms, etc.)

*Compilations include financial statements prepared as a result of other services such as taxes, bookkeeping (either computer or handposted), personal financial planning, etc.

A firm that does not perform any of the above services may claim an exemption.

Requirements For Firms Enrolling In A Peer Review Program

When a firm begins performing services that require a peer review, it is the responsibility of the firm to notify the board within 30 days of the commencement of the work that the firm is subject to peer review.

When a review has been completed and the firm receives the Final Letter of Acceptance from the sponsoring organization, a copy of the completed review must be sent to the board along with the Peer Review Compliance Reporting Form.

Requirements For Firms Claiming An Exemption From The Peer Review Program

Firms that are not required to be enrolled in the Peer Review Program can claim an exemption (refer to Board Rule 527.4). To do this, the TWO FORMS SHOWN BELOW MUST BE COMPLETED:

Peer Review Reporting (fillable)

Affidavit for Exemption from Peer Review